I’ve been thinking for a long, long time about this post. Not about the content but about the idea itself. Shoes. There is a lot to talk about them, don’t you think? Sports shoes, high-heels, sandals… I’ve thought I could just make a mix of all of them, giving you my advises for this winter.

Let’s start with high-heels

He estado pensando y pensando sobre esta entrada, no sobre el contexto sino sobre la idea en sí misma. Zapatos. Hay mucho de lo que hablar, ¿no creéis? Zapatillas, tacones, sandalias… He pensado que podía simplemente hacer una mezcla de todos ellos, dándoos mis consejos para este verano.

Empecemos con los tacones:


What do you think?? I personally think they are awesome. High-heels are a thread for this winter. You can combine them with a pair of jeans and a nice blouse.

Let’s continue with boots:

¿Qué pensáis? Personalmente creo…

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